Andres Oyarzun Gonzalez

Andres Oyarzun Gonzalez

PATAGONIA CHILE ADVENTURE Destination Management Company (DMC) with more than 22 years of experience operating in the tourism field and we do it with enthusiasm and professionalism. We put all our experience into the service of our guests. We endeavor to provide all our clients with an unforgettable stay in this wonderful and friendly country, Chile. We are a locally owned and operated tour company in Chile, specializing in travel groups and independent travelers. Our goal is to create special shore excursions, expeditions and customized programs for travelers who want to enjoy our nature and local roots. Our professional guides are regional experts and affiliated with different Associations of Tour Guides granted by Sernatur, Chile. We ensure our guides are locals, informative, interesting, fun and hard workers. We have a variety of travel programs to satisfy cruise ship clients and independent travelers. We operate in all the areas of the country – Northern, Central, as well as North and South Patagonia.

Once again, the world of astronomy will set its eyes on Chile: we will be the destination to observe another solar eclipse this 2020. This year, La Araucanía will be one of the best places to witness it, with 100% darkness.

December 14 at 1:00 p.m. will be the most anticipated day for fans of astronomy. Pucón and Villarrica will be the epicenter of a solar eclipse, where the visibility will be 100%, as happened last year in a sector of the Coquimbo and Atacama Region.

We are going to the south of Chile! This year the Solar Eclipse 2020 is coming to us in one of the most tourist places in our country: The Araucanía Region.
The towns that will be within the privileged area of 100% darkness are: Puerto Saavedra, Isla Mocha, Carahue, Freire, Nueva Imperial, Loncoche, Freira, Villarrica, Pucón and Lican Ray.
Pucón is the capital of Adventure Tourism! Since in its surroundings, you can do rafting, canopy, kayaking, zip-lining, ascending the volcano, and water sports on Lake Villarrica.

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Come and discover with us the Total Solar Eclipse and nature and cultural wonders that Lake District and Patagonia it has for you.

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For those who are looking for amazing landscapes, cultural diversity, delicious food, excellent wine, and a great human experience with warm-hearted people, Chile is a must-see destination. Our country has a unique mixture of landscapes and different kinds of weather which delivers an incredible display of natural wonders, such as the Atacama desert, Lake District, Patagonia and Easter Island “Rapa Nui”.

On December 14, 2020, a total solar eclipse will cut across Chile’s Lake District at Northern Patagonia, where anyone within the 56-mile-wide path of totality can witness the moon pass fully between the sun and Earth.

The phenomenon occurs when the new moon comes between the sun and Earth and casts its umbra – the darkest part of its shadow – on Earth. A total solar eclipse is almost as dark as night. While the majority of this year’s total solar eclipse will take place over the Pacific Ocean, it will pass over South America – Chile and Argentina – in the late afternoon, meaning Chile’s Lake District is one of the best – and only – places in the world for viewing. Come and enjoy the unique natural event…Once in a Lifetime!


Widely known for its clear skies, Chile has become a global power in astronomy. With different observatories located throughout the territory, especially in the north of the country, Chile is now a key participant in many scientific advances and discoveries of the last couple of years.
But the mysteries of the cosmos are not exclusive to astronomers and physicists, since different organizations have started to open its doors to the public with the purpose of allowing them to discover more about our universe.

Paranal astronomy observatory chile.In the north of Chile, in the Atacama and Antofagasta region, different observatories have been installed, making the most of the amazing skies of the Atacama Desert. The most iconic are the Paranal and ALMA, which have the most advanced systems in the world. It is possible to visit the Paranal Observatory each Saturday and the ALMA during Saturdays and Sunday early in the morning. For both places it is necessary to book in advanced.

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Come and discover with us the natural, cultural, and adventure wonders that Atacama Desert and Altiplano it has for you.

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Chilean Patagonia is worldly known for its beautiful landscapes that captivate everyone that comes to visit; enormous and dense forests, imposing mountains that seem to be sculpted by hand and ancient glaciers surrounded by beautiful lagoons. Though it is one of the most popular places to visit within the national territory, it is necessary to have always in mind that it is also the home for hundreds of animals, that make this land even more special.
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Come and discover with us the natural, cultural and adventure wonders that Patagonia it has for you.

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Take advantage of our experience and do not miss this 2020-2021 season.

whale whatching chile

Caleta Chañaral de Aceituno
Right in the middle of the Atacama Desert, the coast of Chañaral de Aceituno keeps the secret of being one of the only places in northern Chile where you can spot humpback, minke and blue whales. Due to the Humboldt current that gathers a great amount of food on this area, these giant mammals decide to make a stop in their route that takes them from California to the Antarctica every year.

Puñihuil and Melinka
The north-east of the mythical Chiloé Archipelago and the Corcovado gulf have gain fame for being the area where it is possible to admire the biggest amount of blue whales in the south hemisphere. Next to Puñihuil, close to Ancud, it is estimated that at least 300 whales of these specific species are living in the area. This area reaches up to the town of Melinka, in the Guaitecas archipelago. This is not only a temporary stop for these animals, but also a feeding and recovery place, which implies a greater area of preservation.

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