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Fishing at the Maullin River Chile

Fishing at the Maullin River Chile

Fly fishing in Chile is the fastest growing sector in sport fishing. Southern Chile is the destination for trout and salmon fishing! These excursions on Rio Maullin and other rivers and lakes are operated by local full-service outfitters.

In almost all fishermen there is the thought that to catch big trout you have to travel to remote places of difficult access, waiting for few or no fishermen to arrive at the place. In most cases this is quite true, it is necessary to travel a lot to capture large pieces or enter protected places, where the large number of fishermen who usually easily access public places where you can walk can not reach.

But here in Puerto Varas, we have the Maullín River, located a few kilometers outside the city where it is possible to make excellent fishing for browns, you can fish specimens that many did not even dream of such a short distance. This is one of the rivers that escapes the logic that told them, although it is true that it has places where it is not easy to access, there are others where it is reached without problems and it is possible to capture very good sized pieces throughout of the channel.

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