Andes Mountains Chile

Andes Mountains Chile

The series — which was executive produced and narrated by former President Barack Obama — travels from the lush rain forests of Indonesia’s Gunung Leuser National Park to the coves and beaches of the Monterey Bay National Marine Sanctuary, with stops in Kenya’s Tsavo National Park and Chilean Patagonia.

Encompassing 24 unique national parks, the magnificent Chilean Patagonia is rapidly becoming one of the most protected places on the planet.

This docuseries’ second episode focuses on the Chilean Patagonia, which encompasses the southern end of South America. In total there are 24 national parks in this region, but Our Great National Parks only covers five of them:

Torres del Paine: Located in the southern park of the Patagonia, this one includes mountains, glaciers, lakes, and rivers. It’s also home to pumas and the guanaco, a close relative of the llama.

Cerro Castillo National Park: Found in the Aysén Region, this environment is home to the Andean condor, which is largely considered to be the largest bird of prey in the world. The species was classified as endangered, but in recent years it has been making a comeback.

Conguillío National Park: Part of the Andes, this park is home to the Llaima volcano as well as the endangered Araucaria, better known as the monkey puzzle tree.

Laguna San Rafael National Park: On the Pacific coast of southern Chile sits this park that is home to the San Rafael Glacier. The series follows the leopard seals that can be found here.

Diego Ramirez Islands: A group of subantarctic islands, this region is in the middle of some of the most precarious waters on the planet. They’re also home to grey-headed and black-browed albatrosses as well as southern rockhopper penguins.

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For all the fans of the mountain and outdoor sports, we tell you that this year, the mountain range will give us new experiences, to witness, contemplate and experience the winter submerged in the white nature.

To enjoy the snow and the mountains, our country has many destinations where you can enjoy yourself and enjoy the snow, explore trails, practice sports and enjoy with the whole family. Here we have options of places where you can enjoy the snow season in our country.

Cajón del Maipo in winter: Trekking, snowmobiles and horseback riding

If you want a panoramic experience, it is enough to get to the Yeso Reservoir, at the foot of snowy mountains to enjoy a moving landscape. If you want an adventure with more adventure, the mountain range canyon known as the Cajón del Maipo gives you the possibility to explore the mountain in snowmobiles, horseback riding or trekking with snowshoes to get into the high peaks.

Ski centers: Farellones, La Parva, El Colorado and Farellones

Located 40 kilometers from the city of Santiago are Valle Nevado, La Parva, El Colorado and Farellones form the largest ski area in Latin America.

In this corner of the mountain range you will not only find slopes for skiers (advanced and beginners) but also hotels and restaurants that offer the best gastronomic offer.

Other activities are also organized, such as randonnee ski, freestyle and other competitions for the whole family. All this ski area is characterized by the quality of its snow, surpassing the annual 5 meters of snow!

Portillo and its landscapes

More than a ski center, Portillo is one of the few places in Chile that holds an important legacy of the Inca empire. From here comes the name of the turquoise lagoon, which lies in Portillo and which, as legend has it, is due to the eyes of Princess Kora-Llé, who was buried in the depths of the waters.

Portillo is the oldest ski center in Latin America. It is located on the road that joins Chile with Argentina (Mendoza) so it is very visited by national and international tourists.

Today it is an ideal destination for the training of Olympic delegations such as schools in Germany and the United States. It has been characterized as a ski center for the most passionate and challenging skiers.

During the evenings there are tastings of some vineyards such as Kuriman, Ventisquero, Undurraga and Concha & Toro. There are also entertaining games like the Laser Paintball and the magic show for the whole family.

Nevados de Chillán, Termas de Chillán and Corralco

Somewhere in the Andes mountain range, outside the central zone of Chile, we will find new options for those looking to enjoy a real vacation. Between enormous, but enormous mountains covered always with snow with their millenarian araucarias they form one of the scenic beauties that there is to visit in winter.

The snow season in Chile opens up in these places with a host of activities and not only for skiers but for nature lovers and winter outdoor excursions. Randoneé, snowmobiles, sledges.

In the Termas de Chillán, located in the Ñuble Region, you can enjoy thermal waters with healing properties at an average temperature of 6º ° C. How do you see a vacation that mixes the ski with an afternoon in the relaxation spas?

In La Araucanía andina is Corralco, located in the Malalcahuello National Reserve that also offers a vacation for the whole family. If you like to ski or snowboard, the center offers 1800 skiable hectares with 29 tracks and 6 lifts.

But not everything is skiing, you can trek to different places of the reserve, enjoy the snowshoe landscapes, snowkite (for the more adventurous!), Freestyle and mountaineering.

Other destinations to enjoy the snow season in Chile

The Snowy Forest Snow Center in the Huilo Huilo Biological Reserve, offers the possibility, in addition to skiing and performing all kinds of white sports, to carry out glaciological tours, snowmobile rides and tubing.

For fans of the “off-piste” the most recommended is the Antillanca Ski Center in the Los Lagos Region, which has orographic characteristics that make it special for these sports fans.

The Osorno volcano, majestic and imposing with its views of the Calbuco and Puntiagudo volcanoes. It has the highest zip line in Chile! and offer snowcar rides and ski school for beginners.

Always Punta Arenas

At the southern end of Chile, the snow season in Chile also opens. Within the Magallanes National Reserve there is a ski center for white sports enthusiasts and for the family looking for a different ride.

Enjoy a stroll through the historic center of the city, visiting the Plaza de Armas and the significant buildings adjacent to the square. Also, visit the Central Market, the bohemian Barrio Bellavista district, the top of San Cristóbal Hill, the modern residential areas of the city, and a shop for lapis lazuli.