Casablanca white wines

Casablanca white wines

Recognized internationally for its immense production of wines, come and enjoy the best flavors of Chile in the Casablanca Valley, nestled between the mountain range of the coast and the Pacific Ocean in the valleys of central Chile.

This fertile valley is characterized by a refined elaboration of white wine and its Chardonnay and Sauvignon Blanc varieties. A refreshing glass of white wine waits for you in the various vineyards that fill with flavor the beautiful vineyards of the central zone of Chile.

And if you are in the Casablanca Valley, do not forget to pair the wines with the sophisticated local gastronomic preparations in one of the many restaurants in the sector. A festival for your senses!

Just an hour and a half from Santiago lies the Casablanca Valley, where you will find one of the most outstanding wine tours in Chile, home to a dozen vineyards specially dedicated to serve wine tourism enthusiasts. Apart from wines and tastings, they offer fine cuisine and a wide range of activities. Vineyards such as Santa Rita, Concha y Toro, Santa Emiliana, Santa Carolina and Morandé offer wine tastings, horse-drawn carriage rides and restaurant lunches.

At House of Morandé, a chef makes five-star preparations to marry the wines. Attend organic wine tastings at Viña Emiliana, have lunch at Casas del Bosque and enjoy panoramic views at Viña Indomita. Viña Puro Caballo offers traditional Huaso (Chilean cowboy) and horse shows.

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Visit one or more wineries in Casablanca Valley for a complete tour and tasting of several excellent wines. This tour can be taken from Valparaiso or Santiago—from hotel or pier.