What is interpretive hiking?

Surely you must be thinking, what is this all about? Well, it is so-called because the main importance of this type of hiking is to show the most relevant aspects of the wildlife, landscape, geology, history or archeology so that the hiker has a much more complete experience, which goes beyond a mere sport activity.

In the case of the Ventisquero Yelcho trail, a trail has been prepared that highlights the natural heritage of the area. It’s wonderful, isn’t it, to walk in the middle of nature with all your senses awaken, seriously informing yourself about what your eyes are seeing.

Although interpretive hiking has been practiced for a long time, it has gained special prominence in recent years due to the great interest of visitors to learn more about the trails.

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Walk through Lahuen Ñadi Park, home of some of the world’s oldest trees. Then visit several of Puerto Montt’s markets, observing and interacting with the locals. Enjoy a delicious Curanto with a Té Frío in the Cocinerias.

Hike through beautiful forests, identifying native flora and fauna, and observing the current geological formation of the terrain and Calbuco Volcano cone. Enjoy the spectacular views of the inland sea of Puerto Montt to the west.

Hike Alerce Andino National Park, along the Pacific Coast Reloncaví Sound by the southern road, through beautiful native forests, to Lake Chaiquenes, and finally, to Laguna Triangle. The park was named for the Alerce tree that reaches 150 feet high.