Puerto Varas

Puerto Varas

The Lahuen Ñadi Natural Monument was created on January 10, 2000 and has an area of ​​200 hectares. It is located in the commune of Puerto Montt, province of Llanquihue, Los Lagos Region.

It has an arboreal vegetation where the main species is larch, accompanied by coigüe, canelo, tepa, luma, myrtle and tepu, among other species that correspond to the temperate humid forests of southern Chile.

Given the small size of the sector that makes up the natural monument, with the additional that the surrounding sectors have been enabled for agriculture, the proximity to urban centers and high traffic roads, it is not expected that the forest can serve as permanent habitat to many species. However, those that can be observed in this forest or in its immediate surroundings are: the chucao, the huet huet, the diucón, the rayadito, the toad of Darwin, the choroy, the monito del monte, the thrush, the bandurria, the treile, the tiuque, the traro, the hare and the chingue.

The sector is located on volcanic soils of the ñadis type, that is to say, very humid, characteristic in the area of ​​the roads from Puerto Montt to Pargua, crossing Maullín and Calbuco, filled with fluvioglacial sediments and Quaternary volcanic deposits, that extend between the mountains of the Coast and the Andes mountain range.

This natural monument has a path through which you can see part of the unit, highlighting the presence of larches. It is an easy path because it is located on flat but waterlogged terrain. The tour can last between 20 to 30 minutes.

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The legendary museum, joined on the Costanera of Puerto Varas, turned 13 years old and continues promoting art and building dreams.

Pablo Fierro is a plastic artist born in Temuco in 1964 who settled permanently in the capital of the tenth region in the decade of the ’80s. His art and passion is realistic and naturalistic painting, skillfully standing out with the use of pastel pencil and in the accuracy of details of his wonderful works.

His paintings have led him to be invited to different places in the world in a large and varied number of exhibitions where he had the opportunity to make known through his unprecedented and historical style, the urban life of southern Chile, with its unique charms of the Chiloe merger with German immigration. His work is born as a way to express a feeling of what he lives daily in Puerto Montt and its surroundings.

In the time elapsed since he embraced art, the architectural heritage; which is one of the facets that shows, has suffered a very remarkable decline either by the ravages of time, by the climate or the simple neglect of authorities and descendants who do not give the deserved value to such beauty.

Through the creation, in 2002, of the “Pablo Fierro Museum”, this passionate artist has managed to capture the magic of past times between his collection of antique objects and his paintings.
Although at first it was created as a kind of heritage preservation, through painting in the town of Melipulli, in 2006 it was moved to the waterfront of Puerto Varas and with the help of the private sector, the Municipality and the great integrity of the painter was consolidated as the Museum of Ancient Things Pablo Fierro.

This pictorial museum is surrounded by an atmosphere and spirit of the past where each visitor remembers the image of their ancestors when contemplating every detail and every utensil recovered and made available to the public’s gaze. We must emphasize the generosity of this artist, committed to Life and Art, bringing to our hands so endearing testimonies in his extraordinary Museum.

Starting from Puerto Montt / Puerto Varas, travel to Chiloé Island to see penguins at Puñihuil Islets, the UNESCO wooden churches of Chiloé and to hike at the Chiloé National Park and Tepuheico Park for striking views of the Pacific Ocean. Return to a base in Puerto Varas to trek at the Alerce Andino National Park, visit the Petrohué Waterfalls, cross the Todos los Santos Lake and visit Peulla; trek the Osorno Volcano in the Vicente Perez Rosales National Park; a complete tour around Llanquihue Lake visiting quaint towns with German influence; and end your adventure with a local experience at the picturesque markets in Puerto Montt.

Fly fishing in Chile is the fastest growing sector in sport fishing. Southern Chile is the destination for trout and salmon fishing! These excursions on Rio Maullin and other rivers and lakes are operated by local full-service outfitters.


Puerto Montt and markets, Puerto Varas, trek Alerce Andino National Park Petrohue Watefalls, Osorno Volcano, Todos los Santos Lake, Calbuco Volcano, Llanquihue National Reserve, fishing Maullin River or others, Horse back riding and rafting in Petrohue River.


Walk through Lahuen Ñadi Park, home of some of the world’s oldest trees. Then visit several of Puerto Montt’s markets, observing and interacting with the locals. Enjoy a delicious Curanto with a Té Frío in the Cocinerias.

Depart from the pier or your hotel in Puerto Varas/Puerto Montt and travel to the skirts of Osorno Volcano, to the Vicente Perez Rosales National Park and the Laguna Verde area. Visit the three main points of the Park: Osorno Volcano, Petrohué Waterfalls and Todos Los Santos Lake.


Explore the town of Frutillar, with its strong German influence, on the shore of Llanquihue Lake; visit Puerto Varas, also on the lake, with views of Orsono and Calbuco Volcanoes; enjoy the sights of Puerto Montt, including the famous Angelmo Market and the Handicrafts Village.

Hike through beautiful forests, identifying native flora and fauna, and observing the current geological formation of the terrain and Calbuco Volcano cone. Enjoy the spectacular views of the inland sea of Puerto Montt to the west.

Hike Paso Desolacion (Desolation Pass) between the Osorno and Cerro La Picada volcanoes. Soak in the amazing vistas of Calbuco, Puntiagudo, Tronador, Yates volcanoes, the Patagonian Andes, Llanquihue and Todos Los Santos Lake. Enjoy panoramic views of the unrivaled beauty.