Top Chilean wineries

Top Chilean wineries

Known worldwide for its immense wine production, come and enjoy the best flavors of Chile in the Casablanca Valley, sitting between the coastal mountains and the Pacific in the valleys of central Chile.

This fertile valley is characterized by the refined preparation of white wine in its Chardonnay and Sauvignon Blanc varieties. There is a glass of white wine waiting for you in the many wineries that fill the beautiful vineyards of the central valley of Chile with a flavor that you should not miss.

And if you are in the Casablanca Valley, don’t forget to combine wine with the most sophisticated local food in any of the many restaurants in the area. A true festival for your senses!

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Come and discover with us the natural, cultural and adventure wonders that Casablanca Valley it has for you.

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The Aconcagua Valley stands out for its privileged location between Santiago and Valparaíso. This is where Viña Errázuriz is located, one of the most renowned wineries and one of the best wine tours in Chile. A visit to this vineyard includes a walk with beautiful views of the valley, century-old wineries and wine tasting. Nearly adjacent to Errázuriz is Von Siebenthal, a traditional winery with sophisticated technology and wines from grapevines such as Merlot, Cabernet Franc, Cabernet Sauvignon, Syrah, Carménère and Petit Verdot.

The Aconcagua Valley also offers other attractions and activities, such as pre-Colombian petroglyphs found in the San Esteban vineyard, visiting the Portillo ski resort, trekking to Mount Aconcagua and kayaking in the Inca Lagoon, home to one of Chile’s most moving legends.

The great telluric beauty of the valley, as well as its temperate Mediterranean climate, with a prolonged dry season and rains that are concentrated mainly in winter, the good availability of water for irrigation, and the volcanic and colluvial origin of its soils, make Aconcagua a true wine-growing paradise, in which, from mountain range to coast, some of the most renowned wines of Chile originate.

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Located in the region of Coquimbo, 500 kilometers north of Santiago, the Elqui Valley is the northern limit of Chile’s wine territories. One of the main centers of observation of stars and astrotourism, the valley is also famous for its Cabernet Sauvignon and its production of pisco, a type of grape brandy that is very popular in Chile and one of the best wine tours in Chile. For those interested in learning more about the history of pisco, visit the Niches artisan distillery and the Capis pisco distillery, where you can prepare cocktails and visit its museum.

The wineries of Viña Falernia and Cavas del Valle are open to the public if you wish to obtain more information about the winemaking process, taste wines and have lunch at their local restaurants. The Limarí Valley is located in a different sector of the Coquimbo Region, characterized by the production of fresh white and red vines due to its terroir rich in minerals. Its Mediterranean climate has a strong influence, which favors the production of exquisite wines.

For those who wish to follow some of the best wine routes in northern Chile, there are tours through the Limarí Valley and the mythical Valle del Encanto, to see the remains of the pre-Columbian peoples. You can also visit many different wineries such as Agua Tierra, Tamaya and Tabalí. The latter offers a guided tour of its facilities, with wine and cheese tasting sessions, and a stop to enjoy a typical lunch in the Chilean countryside.

The tour of the Water Land winery includes music, local cuisine and a party. Finally, Viña Tamaya offers a private visit to a rural cemetery inside his winery. You can also climb one of the two lookouts overlooking Mount Tamaya.

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I like wine, because wine is good and if it’s Chilean, it’s better. ” Check out this famous saying by visiting the wide range of wine valleys and be surprised by their applauded tannins. Come to Chile and live an intense experience in flavors!

Start by tasting the white wines of fresh climates from coastal sectors of the country. Be dazzled by the beauty of Casablanca’s vineyards and the rainbow of colors that give the tonalities of its different vines.

Discover the secrets of the many vineyards of the central valleys, taste the fermentation of their wines directly from the barrels and rediscover the Carménère coloring that was believed to be extinct on the planet. Learn the history of each preparation from the mouths of its own winemakers.

The incredible reds of the robust Cabernet Sauvignon of the Colchagua Valley and its surroundings. Fruitful valleys in good wine, the most demanding palates are seduced in their tourist circuits. And it ends up offering in the boutique vineyards of the south of Chile with an innovative assembly that will open your mouth to new experiences.

Discover in our following blogs each of the valleys with the best wines of Chile.

This tour combines the Santiago City Tour and the Viña Undurraga Vineyard & Winery Tour.