For those who are looking for amazing landscapes, cultural diversity, delicious food, excellent wine, and a great human experience with warm-hearted people, Chile is a must-see destination. Our country has a unique mixture of landscapes and different kinds of weather which delivers an incredible display of natural wonders, such as the Atacama desert, Lake District, Patagonia and Easter Island “Rapa Nui”.

On December 14, 2020, a total solar eclipse will cut across Chile’s Lake District at Northern Patagonia, where anyone within the 56-mile-wide path of totality can witness the moon pass fully between the sun and Earth.

The phenomenon occurs when the new moon comes between the sun and Earth and casts its umbra – the darkest part of its shadow – on Earth. A total solar eclipse is almost as dark as night. While the majority of this year’s total solar eclipse will take place over the Pacific Ocean, it will pass over South America – Chile and Argentina – in the late afternoon, meaning Chile’s Lake District is one of the best – and only – places in the world for viewing. Come and enjoy the unique natural event…Once in a Lifetime!


REGION: North & South Patagonia Chile.
ACTIVITY LEVEL: 1 (Easy) to 3 (Medium)** as shown per day
SUMMARY: 8 days, roundtrip Santiago airport – Temuco – Puerto Montt – Punta Arenas – Santiago airport. Begin with 3 multi-days activities in Pucon & Curarrewe Lake District areas, then 5 days multi-days activities in Puerto Natales & Torres del Paine Patagonia region.
DURATION: 8 days (or as customized)
MIN./MAX. PEOPLE: 4-12 people (more can be arranged as Private Small Groups).
SEASON: Special Edition. From December 12-19, 2020.
INCLUDED: English speaking Tour Leader during the full program and accredited with Wilderness First Response or Pre-Hospital Care courses, Local Guides, Professional First Aid Kit, VHF Radio (handy), and Mobile phone(emergencies only), all excursions mentioned in the program, National Parks entrance fees, all accommodations based at hotels, lodges, refuge, cabins or rural family B&B according to the custom program you choose, meals mentioned in the program (Breakfast, Box – Lunch – Dinner) and water, all transfers in private services with seat insurances, domestic airfare tickets(under request) and COVID-19 kit.
NOT INCLUDED: Personal insurance, meals not mentioned at the program, personal equipment, eclipse glasses, tips for Staff, or anything not listed in the program.
GUEST PROVIDES: Appropriate clothes for the activity (Weather may be hot, cold or windy in Patagonia), trekking boots or good tennis shoes, walking sticks (optional), sandals, towel, day backpack, camera, extra water, cap or hat, sunscreen, and sunglasses(CE certified eclipse glasses you will need it). The full list and other details will be provided at the time of your booking.



Welcome to Chile by your Local Trip Leader in Chile. After doing Immigration, your Trip Leader will drive you the counter to take the domestic flight to Temuco(In the morning or evening), Lake & Volcanic District, North Patagonia. Flight to Temuco (1 hour 20 minutes).
Welcome to Temuco, Capital of Araucania Region. The Araucanía is one of Chile’s 16 first-order administrative divisions and comprises two provinces: Malleco in the north and Cautín in the south. Its capital and largest city are Temuco; other important cities include Angol and Villarrica. Temuco is by far the youngest of the major Chilean cities. Located just under 700 km south of Santiago, it was founded in 1881 following a prolonged negotiation with the Mapuche Indians, the native inhabitants of the land. Since its founding, the city has grown rapidly due to the influx of European settlers like Teodoro Schmidt, the person that outlined the city’s urban plan.
The combination of German, Mapuche, and Chilean influences are evident throughout the city. The Mapuche, for example, continue to claim their rights to much of the Araucania Region. Drive to Villarrica, Pucon or Curarrewe areas (according to the hotel you choose) where is located your Hotel (1-hour drive). Pucón and Villarrica are one of the main tourist destinations in the Araucanía region and the Chilean Lake District and it is chosen by the inhabitants of Chile year-round. Located at a height of 227 meters MSL, these tourist villages are framed by the beauty of Lake Villarrica and offers all the necessary services to make visitors feel they are in a real paradise. Arrive at the hotel, check-in and rest. Group Dinner and Introduction to the Program. Accommodation. Meals: D.  End our services for that day.

Activity Level: Easy.



Breakfast. Our excursion takes us at 18 km (12 Miles) from Pucón where is located the tourism, scientific and ecological park Volcanic
Caves, located on the northern slope of Volcán Villarrica. Visit the “Casa de los Volcanes”, where we see a photo exhibition and related volcanic eruptions objects. Then descend to the Volcanic Caves, where we will know its colossal domes with different types of lava and minerals that remain the underground products of eruptions. The “Parasite Craters” are formed from the Villarrica Volcano’s past eruptions, we will learn all about its amazing past before visiting the world’s only visitable caves that are inside an active volcano. From here you can walk hundreds of meters to see the hardened remains of what an active lava flow was once. Finally, we will go to the surface and come to a spectacular suspension bridge, where we will see a major lava flows and lahars (volcanic material) that descend from the crater, along with the start of native forest. From here, we will do an easy hike through the ancient forest to get spectacular vistas to lake Villarricas, the volcano, and the majestic Andes Mountain range. After our hike, we will back to Pucon town for lunch(optional, at your own).
After lunch, get ready for the next adventure…Rafting at the “Trancura” River. During this adventure, you’ll be rafting in the white rapids of the Trancura River. The river is located in the southeastern end of the Villarrica National park, so you will be able to delight with the lush views of the volcanos of Pucon! Back to the Hotel. Dinner(optional, at your own). Accommodation. Meals: B & D. End our services for that day. *Itinerary subject to changes, depending on weather conditions.

Activity Level: Moderate.



Early Breakfast. We will pick you up from your hotel and drive to the area of “Kurarewe or Curarrewe”. Curarrewe which means in Mapuche language “Altar of stones”, is a charming little hideaway for Mapuche indigenous communities, is nestled in between the mountains near to the Argentine border and 38 Km(24 Miles) distance from Pucon town. Over 80% of the population here are Mapuche. The origin of Curarrehue dates back to the occupation of Araucanía and the Conquest of the Desert by the Chilean and Argentine army respectively in the 1870s and 1880s when Mapuches were pushed by the Argentine Army through Mamuil Malal Pass into the valley of Curarrehue where they settled.
On this extraordinary day experience, we will explore the stunning natural landscapes of Chile’s Lakes Region and learn about the important connection between Mapuche and the Earth and their “Cosmovision” about the “Total Solar Eclipse”. Hike along ancient trails of UNESCO “Araucarias National Reserve” created in 2010. We will learn how to identify native trees and their Cosmovision with your Mapuche guide from the Community of Curarrewe.
The Total Solar Eclipse phenomenon occurs just about once every 18 months — but the South American countries of Chile and Argentina will hit the jackpot in 2019 and 2020 when the moon’s shadow zips across both twice in quick succession. Though you can witness totality from Argentina’s Pampas grasslands on the eastern slopes of the Andes on December 14, 2020. After reaching our point to view and enjoy this unique “Total Solar Eclipse”, we will enjoy a nice “roquin” a traditional Mapuche box-lunch, waiting for the Eclipse. After that, we will back on the trail to get our transport, where we will drive to Curarrehue.
As a reward for our effort, we visited a fantastic little Mapuche -Pehuenche gastronomy restaurant just outside of Curarrehue. Organic food, vegetarian, and straight from the forest, it seemed apt that after just learning the importance of the Monkey Puzzle fruits “Piñón”, to the Mapuche people that we were served a dish. Back to the Hotel. Accommodation. Meals: B & D. End our services for that day.

Activity Level: Easy to Moderate.



Early Breakfast. Today we will leave the “Araucania Region” and drive in direction of Puerto Montt(313 Km / 194 Miles); the capital of Lake
District to take our flight to Punta Arenas, located at Southern Patagonia, Magellan District. According to our timetable, we will do a short visit to “Angelmo Market” the largest Art & Craft Market in Southern Chile. Time to walk, take pictures of local life here, or enjoy great local seafood at “Cocineria”(local small restaurant managed by locals). Drive to airport “El Tepual” of Puerto Montt. Flight to Punta Arenas (2 hours 30 minutes).
Welcome to Punta Arenas, Capital of the Magellan and Antarctica District. We drive to Punta Arenas with time for a guided visit and lunch(optional at your own). We will visit at Punta Arenas “Cerro La Cruz” lookout, The “Gamero” main square, the downtown of the city and walk to the famous “Magellan Strait” to touch it their cool waters, facing the “Tierra del Fuego” Island.
After our visit, our final destination of the day is Puerto Natales, founded as a port for the sheep industry in a region called Ultima Esperanza (Last Hope). Dinner tonight on your own.  Accommodation. Meals: B. End our services for that day.

Activity Level: Easy.



This is the morning for a hearty breakfast because the day to come is all about exploring the wilds of Patagonia. We’re headed to Torres
Del Paine. The Torres – soaring, spikey “towers” of granite carved by ancient glaciers – are one of the signature sights of Chile. We’re headed to the part of the park that was declared a Biosphere Reserve by UNESCO. At the entry to the park, Laguna Amarga, whose waters are intensely turquoise, signals the theme of the day: water, both liquid and frozen. We start with a stroll to the Salto Grande waterfall. We love walking on the grassland trail because it puts us in the midst of everything the park has to offer. We see pampas, Magellanic forests, waterfalls and glaciers, and a view of the snowcapped Campo de Hielo Sur (the Southern Ice Field).
This is the natural habitat of the guanaco, long-legged rheas, endangered Andean deer, and the Andean condor. And we’re likely to spot them during our walk. There are lagoons, too, that are breeding and feeding grounds for a variety of birds. At the top of the trail, the views of the snow-capped mountains such as Almirante Nieto mountain, The Horns granite mountain, and the Towers are stupendous, and we take our time to absorb it all as we linger over a picnic lunch. Back at the hotel, you’ll have free time in the late afternoon to wander the grounds, schedule a spa treatment, before dinner(on your own). Accommodation. Meals: B & BL. End our services for that day.

Activity Level: Moderate.



Breakfast. Our day in the mountains yesterday could leave you with the feeling that it would be nearly impossible to live in this region of
Patagonia. In fact, there’s a hardy population who live and work here, and we’ll meet them today. We’re off to a working estancia, a vast the ranch where the sheep, cattle, and horses drastically outnumber the gauchos who tend them.
We’ll get a firsthand look at life on the pampas. If you like, you can climb into the saddle for a guided look at the land on horseback, or you can explore the property on a guided walk. Either way, you’ll see how the gauchos go about their work with demonstrations of sheep shearing and the way they team up with shepherd dogs to control their flocks in the wild terrain. We especially love this time at the estancia because it is an unforgettable glimpse into how man and nature coexist in ways that are unimaginable back home.
The day is capped with a gaucho barbecue, and the centerpiece is succulent lamb grilled over open fires. It’s a traditional feast that perfectly captures the rustic, natural spirit of the day.  Back to Puerto Natales.  Leisure afternoon.  Dinner(on your own). Accommodation. Meals: B & L. End our services for that day.

Activity Level: Easy to Moderate.



Breakfast. This morning, we’re headed for a completely different view of Torres Del Paine. We headed by the new route to the Pueblito villa Serrano, which is another entry to this beautiful National Park Torres del Paine. We will stop at a lookout near this village to enjoy the great views of the mountains into the Bernardo O’Higgins is Chile’s largest park––and one of the largest in the world. Around a quarter of the park lies in the Aysén region, with the rest in Magallanes. The park’s central feature is its 49 glaciers, part of Chile’s Southern Icefields. They form part of the third-longest expanse of continental ice on the planet, after the Antarctic and Greenland.
Nearby, recently calved ice floes float in the lake fed by Grey Glacier. With an experienced captain at the helm, we take to the water for an unforgettable boat ride that puts us just a short distance from the sheer face of the glacier. We’ve all heard how glaciers carve the landscape, move mountains and scour out fjords, but it’s only from this perspective that you can truly appreciate their awesome scale and power. Lounge on the deck—maybe with a pisco sour chilled by glacial ice—and take it all in.
This evening, we celebrate over a farewell dinner of sophisticated local fare served in town restaurant overlooking the Patagonian landscape. Accommodation. Meals: B & L. End our services for that day.

Activity Level: Easy.



Breakfast. This morning, we drive to Puerto Natales or Punta Arenas(flight according to availability and air company schedule) to take the afternoon flight that gets us to Santiago to make late-day connections for return flights home or take an “extension” and keep traveling by Chile. Meals: B. End our Total Solar Eclipse Lake District Chile.

Activity Level: Easy.


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